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Our Mission & Teachers


Our Mission Our mission at Encinitas Bikram Yoga is to provide our Community with authentic Bikram Yoga, always teaching with respect and a warm heart by a Certified Bikram Yoga Teacher. Keeping the postures and the yoga pure to the original prescription (the way each posture and sequence was intended).


Our Studio


What make us different?


Our boutique studio ensures with small class size individual attention, helping with correction of old habits, helping students try the right way!


We are a dedicated studio in more ways than one:


1. Providing pure original Bikram Yoga that means you are getting 90 minutes of therapeutic healing yoga.


2. Your Teacher here at the studio is certified by Bikram Choudhury and other Senior Teachers for 9 weeks /500 plus hours of instruction.


3. We use the “Bikram Yoga Dialogue” which allows us to communicate instructions on what to do, how to do, and the benefits of doing.


4. Heating- the heating systems is FAR INFRARED (FAR). Not all heating systems are created equal, FAR is therapeutic, warms the muscles and tissues of your body gently increasing circulation. FAR panels are not like forced air systems, they do not blow dust or allergens around the room. The panels also do not release emissions, which is good for the environment. You will find our yoga room is quiet, calm and peaceful. .






Lisa Peinl       Studio Owner/ Teacher



Lisa- I took my first Bikram Yoga class in 2006. I had just changed careers, after being a Flight Attendant for a major carrier for 17 years. I went back to school to become a Nurse (graduated 2008). With the stress of family/life, nursing school/studies and an old neck/right shoulder injury (scar tissue developed I was left with headaches and tinnitus; ringing in my ears), it was my dear friend that suggested I take yoga, after several classes my symptoms were gone, I felt better. I continued to learn more about people, the body, and myself. With courses and certificates in Healing Touch 1 & 2, massage, certified nutrition, certified herbology. I came back to Bikram Yoga. The more I practiced the better I felt. I realized this is just not a band-aid but, a life time practice. I went to Teacher Training Fall 2015 in Phuket, Thailand, Nine weeks/ 500 + hours of education, and self-reflection. I came home from training wanting to learn more and share more. I taught as many classes as I could. I attended the Women’s Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica with Rajashree Choudhury, Pure Action Conference in Texas (a non-profit dedicated to yoga research, global education, community outreach). Ghosh’s Yoga College Teacher Training in Calcutta, India- taught by Muktamala Mitra Granddaughter of Bishnu Ghosh. This is where Bikram learned from his Guru Bishnu Ghosh. Our training consisted of 3 weeks learning therapeutic exercises/asana, how to organize them and writing individual prescriptions. I later joined the DialogueWorks- a worldwide network of dedicated Bikram Certified Teachers and studio owners. I traveled around the world for residences in Dedham, MA, continuing education in Denver, San Clemente, San Diego, Pasadena, Texas and Teacher Training in Spain and Acapulco (twice).


I set out to keep this amazing healing yoga in my community. I opened Encinitas Bikram Yoga by the Sea in September 2017. My Family has been here for over 100 years and I am grateful to share my knowledge and experience. My previous careers have given me the tools to provide high quality care and leadership, to assess and manage, to provide direction and assistance, to calm and support and to teach and acquire new knowledge. With that being said, I will continue to educate myself, you never know everything. Just like Bikram Yoga, Learning is a life time practice.


I invite you to come in and learn more here at Encinitas Bikram Yoga By The Sea.


Guest Teachers



From ALL over the world! Bikram Yoga Certified, You may learn something new, hear a posture given in another language, and make a new friend. 




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